– Single Large Burning Plate with Auto ignition
– Brass Gas Valve with Galvanized Supply Line
– Anti Rust Chrome Plating Safety Grill
– Enamel Coating Frame & Stainless Steel Roof
– Powder Paint Coating Heavy Gauge Metal Body
– Dimensions: W-14ʺ l D-08” l H-16ʺ

  • Auto Ignition
  • Portable Handle
  • Smart And Stylish
  • Cool To Touch
  • Single Large Burner


In winter everyone needs a heated room to withstand the cold winter winds. To cope with the freezing winter winds, Nasgas Heaters offer the ultimate in heating and provide you with the warmth you need in cold weather. NasGas always offers the best and cheapest home appliances, so NasGas introduces the NasGas deluxe 001 gas heater with a smart and stylish tower design that emphasizes the beauty of your space. The Nasgas heater is gas-operated, which takes up less space in the room and provides maximum heat in all corners of the room. As some heaters after using for a long time becomes very hot and untouchable, but the deluxe NasGas 001 heater stays cool and can be carried anywhere with its portable handle without burning your hands. The quality of heating can be determined by the heating plate because most local heaters use low-quality heating plates, which not only emit an unpleasant gas odor but also emit gases with lower heating power. The highest quality single front hotplate, which radiates maximum heat in all directions and converts all gases to heat and combustion so there is no gas loss. In addition to all qualities, Nasgas also provides a 1-year warranty which guarantees the quality of Nasgas heaters


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